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Used in 13 countries, 25 states in the United States by most denominations. Used by the Western Division of the Salvation Army and currently being taken by missionaries around the world. I have spend thousands of hours in the creation of the Christian education programs for you to use. And simply they are all FREE. No cost, no obligation, even allowing you to use the programs to create your own for your own needs, after you register with us.
Again, let me ask you Please….if you find a mistake somewhere, spelling or otherwise would you please contact me. I know that There are hundreds and hundreds of pages within this site containing typed articles and resources, to which spelling might be incorrect.  Once these hands could master the keyboard of a organ in concert, but the keyboard on a computer due to arthritis makes the typing sometimes so very hard, and there are spelling mistakes made, a extra letter, or letter placed in the wrong place within a word. HELP ME PLEASE if you find such…. Send the mistake to: Thank you so very much and God Bless you! I give God all the glory, honor, and praise for allowing me to be His instrument in the creation of the following programs.

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Worldwide difference…one child at a time

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Will you help make the difference?

Freely given……to make a difference in the lives of children. Program materials as a entire program or designed for you to use parts of all the programs to create your own unique program. The VBS, Sunday School, Music Programs, Hero Academy all can be interlinked in building your own VBS or Sunday School Program.

The Keyboards for Christ Programs Music, Circle of Life youth Program and Bible School, feature lesson materials that are clear to understand and are illustrated for easy instruction for both the teacher and the children. Depending upon your budget the program is designed around common simple items to do the crafts so that churches and teachers around the world may teach the program. Below is just a visual example[small not the actual sizes] of some of the lesson materials. All the programs center around the Bible and teaches scripture.  Teaching family values, the laws of God [ 10 Commandments] are centered in all the programs.

This is a short ‘snippet’ we suggest that you go through our orientation [13 pages] if you are interested in the program. The orientation will show you just how the entire program was written and how the materials are used and taught. This  web site contains hundreds of pages for the teacher’s reference. The program can be adapted to fit the needs of the church or the community where it will be taught.

Orientation [ Page 1][Page 2][Page 3][Page 4][Page 5]  [Page 6] [Page 7] [Page 8][ Page 9] [Page 10] [Page 11]  [ Page 12]  [Page13] You may go to the orientation from the home page, this page, or many other pages within our site. I highly recommend that you go through this orientation for it is just like a student attending a new school for the first time. You will better understand our programs.

Sound Touch Sight the STS method uses sensory communication to teach music and the Bible developed by author Dan WheelerAll my teaching program’s  uses a Teaching method created by Dan Wheeler called STS. You can read more about it by clicking here or in many parts of our site.  The heart of the program is to teach children about God using music. The exercises deal with music as the children learn about Bible principles, the 10 Commandments, Faith, Love, Hope, Prayer, Communion, Baptism, Sin, Salvation and may other scriptures. The 12 week program is very intense in both music and scriptures.
A outline of the program.

Music Program: This is a 12 week program where the children ages 6-12 handcraft their own working biblical musical instruments. During the 12 week the children work with the 10-12 instruments they craft as they learn the word of God. Learning the elements of music including melody,harmony, rhythm the children also learn unity by playing in a ensemble setting. Ear training is also part of the program.

Vacation Bible School: This is a 5 day program centered around the Quality, values, tools of a Hero. The kids handcraft a Hero Tool Box, a shield, and learn about what makes a real hero. Using their hands in making a ‘mud’ brick to visits from real community hero’s.

Circle of Life Youth Program/Christian Drum Circle: This is a ongoing weekly program. The youth handcraft their own drum and gather around a campfire each week. Learning to conquer fear by replacing it with faith the youth express their ‘fears’ on paper and throw them into the fire.  The youth learn to praise God on their level. Activities learning God’s Word including the M&M bible hunt, The Word is RIght Bible theme program, The Tri Races all are part of this exciting new youth program. The youth have their own web site which you can go to from our program porthole. Sample of the instruments the children craft

The Lesson Plans