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Listing of Certified Resource Sites of Knowledge

These sites [ click above] have been reviewed by application or nomination and have been approved for Certification by professional teacher's for their content of information to the internet community. The wealth of information for students, and Internet visitors are highly ackowledged at the highest level of resources and information on their respective subjects.

Please read the following carefully. If you are Certified by the educational staff  your site will be submitted to search engines at no charge.

If you would like to apply for this certification please read the following guidelines and then submit .Please allow 2 weeks for us to visit your site for approval.  Nomination/ Application form click here

PLEASE NOTE: that after your submit form you will be directed back to the Home page of our web site. So read this page carefully before you go to the form.

There will be a posting and listing including a screen shot of your site within the pages of this Certification program. By applying you grant us the permission to list your site including your screen shot of your site. You also agree to remove your Certification badge if you no longer meet the general guidelines posted here. If any guidelines are changed by the panel of educators we will notify you.

This Certification is done by a panel outside the Keyboards for Christ Ministry and is subject to the evaluation of such professionals. Since this is not a award, or opinion, it is a professionally done Certification all evaluations are final. You may apply only once a year for this Certification. This program falls also under our Terms of Use of this web site.

Meet the team of professional educators and consultants for your Certification

Knowledge is defined (Oxford English Dictionary) variously as (1) expertise, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject, (2) what is known in a particular field or in total; facts and information. Wikipedia free dictionary It is important that our children know about things of the bridge their journey into the future.


This is a honor not a rated award!

This Certification as a web site of Resource of Knowledge is such of strict Criteria evaluated by professional educators. If your site is honored to be Certified you can be sure that your site is one of high standards in the educational field. You may apply if you meet the following Criteria guidelines:

1. Your site must deal with a family friendly subject matter [We reserve the right of such materials to which are taught in schools, and places of higher educational levels]

2.  CONTENT / MISSION : Your site must contain no less than 10 pages about your subject of knowledge to which a mission or purpose surrounds your content.

What makes a good web site?What to know more Click here for a explanation.

3. Your site must not be linked to outside sites that are not family friendly

4. You must be listed by ICRA /Family Safe/ Safe Surf

5. Your site must have a copyright statement/ Credit due and privacy statement if you collect information of any kind including e-mail

6. You must have a site map

7. Your navigation must be user friendly for our staff. If they can not navigate how can visitors seeking your knowledge that you share.

8. We will not evaluate any site that promotes knowledge of materials which are not family friendly. This Certification is also available to Award Programs, including Rating programs and listings.

9. This certification is not for free domains or free servers . You must have a domain name.

10. You must have a visible easy way to contact the web master

11. You must have information about the author of the materials or site including education, or professional experience about such knowledge that you are sharing with the public. This makes the Certification a Creditable site.

There are many educational standards throughout the world today, some are voluntary others are not. This Certification is done by educators that follow standards of education. For information  including some of the following:

We reserve the right to change our guidelines