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    Ratings and memberships of this Award ProgramVacation Bible School ProgramContact information e-mail/addresslegal information about copyright terms of use/privacyMission statement of our ministry programsDrum Craft we use in the Circle of Life Drum CircleAward winning harp craft of the Keyboards for Christ Music ProgramThe Keyboards for Christ Music ProgramHistory of Biblical musical instrumentsAbout the Author of this programThe Circle of Life Youth Program and Christian Drum Circle is a new and exciting program for youth 11-17

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      Ratings and memberships of this Award Program
    APEX Armor of God (See Lets talk about Heroes) Award Program Introduction Page APIRS Certified Award Program [gateway]
    Coat of many colors Colors (see Joseph) Commandments(see Moses) Commandment Banner for Program Commandment Brass clip on pins for the childrens shirts and bookmarkers (Free) After you start your class let us know and we will send them to you. Coloring Pages 1Moses / 2 David/ 3Noah /Crest of our program (See award program) Children and how music effects them Children proof of lifetime effects of music on them Colors of the Tabernacle Colors used in the Bible what they represent Children in Worship (see What about me articles) Cornet Cymbals Cymbals Coppa (Childrens Privacy Law) Collecting Information Christian Symbols CD's For the lesson exercises available by request Circle of Life Youth Program Christian Drum Line Program Carnal Stage/ Circle of Life diagram of program /[Mission Statement of the Youth Program] Coloring Pages early church /Charles W. Wheeler In Memory /Certificate When was music first taught to children? Clyde my dog/ Christmas Program Cross[Inverted used by occult and Satanists] Catholic Church views on same sex lifestyle Circle of Life Youth Program Kids own Website

    David Sunday School Lessons
    David David (Prophet) David's Sunday School Lesson Plan a 23 month program/ Davids Prayer  Daniel Daniel 2 more complete Deborah Downloads ( Must register for Lessons 2-12 Downloads Disciples of Christ Disciples of Christ Pictures Disclaimer Dove Dove Award Dove Award Flash Diablo2 [Salute of Satanic Church]
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    FHIT (Family Honesty Integrity=Trust) Father,Son, and Holy Ghost (See also Trinity) Fathers leaders Fruits of the spirit craft  Files Information about the files on this site [site info]
    Graduation Time Games to use Godly Standards Entrance Giant Picture (For David and the Giant
     Award Winning  Harp CraftAward winning harp craft of the Keyboards for Christ Music Program
    History Porthall entrance
    ICRA (see affiliations and memberships) Ish. 55 Ish.40 Index page of this site ICCS Registered Site
    Jenasus Dan Wheeler's Childrens Stories Jesus the name Jesus Loves Me Midi (see Midi room) Jubal Jubal the father of instruments
     Jesus revealed as in OT Jesus revealed as in NT Jesus A. His Birth B. Youth C. Ministry D. Healing Jewish people in ancient times see Rome below under R.
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    legal information about copyright terms of use/privacy Lesson One Must Register for Program Lesson 2/ Lesson 3/ Lesson 4/ Lesson 5 /Lesson 6 /Lesson 7/ Lesson 8 /Lesson 9 Lesson 10 /Lesson 11 /Lesson 12 / Graduation upon registration you will be e-mailed with the address to download the 12 weeks lessons and outlines. Lessons 2-12 Examples only (See Register or sign up for program) Lesson Cards [Like flash cards]
    Lords Prayer Childrens dance sketch
    Our Mission Statement and Statement of Faith
    History of Biblical musical instruments Me (What part should children take in worship) Miriam Music earliest musical insturments used in the Temple
    Me what about me? series of childrens articles Medical report by the AMA
    Memberships Mitzelet Media news about this program Mailing Address

           1How music effect us 2     Music notation how we read and understand music 3 The Elements of music Melody Harmony Rhythm      4How music influnences children       5Just where music came from

                 1.How music effects 2.Notation 3.Music's Influences 4.Elements of Music 5. Where did music come from?
    Nov Dove Awards
    Percussion in the Bible Parents are saying about the Keyboards for Christ Music Program
    Promise (Rainbow)(coloring page no link back) Psalm 150 Prophets How they used music
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    Bible Reference to Music Bible References to Music Bible Reference to Music
    Bible References to Music Bible References to Music Bible References to MusicBible References to Music
    Sound Room where you can go and listen to instrument sounds of instruments crafted
    Standing (The websites that W.O.R.D. has launched complaints against
    Story(News paper article about the program) Sight for Teachers listed
    Sept Dove Awards Entrance Self Test for award program Shield Craft (Armor of God) Spring Hill College 5th Oldest Jesuit College in The United States Spring Hill College Picture 1800's Dr.John B. Switzer, PhD Assistant Professor of Theology Associate Director of Graduate & Adult Theological Programs[Web site soon to come on line] Site information Keyboards for Christ  Stats for our Award Program Satan The word used in the Bible Sailboat Craft used in Vacation Bible School Program Lighthouse of life

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    Keyboards for Christ Music Program/ Vacation Bible School Lets talk about Heroes/ Circle of Life Youth Program and Drum Circle/ Hero Academy/ Worship Academy/ The Dove Award Program ' making a difference' all are copyrighted programs and materials of the Keyboards for Christ Music Ministry in years 2004/2005/2006/2007
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