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The Dove Award Program Ratings and Certification's

Our program is honored to be rated with the Premier Rating Program of the Internet Award Sites.The original and oldest program on the Internet.

                       AWARD SITES

Award Sites this program is rated 4.0 

AS Award Sites/updated1/14/08 from rating 3.5 to 4.0 rating.

These affiliations provide award seekers access to serious award programs of integrity and objectivity offering fair evaluations. The very first program was started in early 1997 Awards Sites and has grown to be the mother of all rating programs." Bettering The Net By Striving For Excellence". Our rating with AS is 4.0 Choice Member to which we are proud to uphold such a rating.

  awardsites key resourse member      awardsite   

This site also contributes as a Key Resource site for Award Sites.            

                   NOVA siteWe are honored to be selected as the NovaSite for Oct. 2007. Working together with AS striving together for Excellence on the Internet. The Keyboards For Christ Music Ministry and Pastor Dan works together with AS in both Key Resources and Forums.

             United Web Site Award Givers

United Web Site Award Givers is a concept which began in 2001, whereby those who offer website awards and the web site owner or designer seeking an award could be part of the same community. This joint effort for excellence in web design has allowed for a large group of men and women who have devoted a great deal of their time for superior web design in all aspects.


                    Rated 2.0 with the uwsag

We are proud and humbled to have been awarded the UWSAG Silver Seal Of Approval for our Award Program. The UWSAG is one of the top rating programs on the internet. We support their mission and what they do to make the difference.

soa Participant


We are proud to support and be part of the Staff of The WEBSAWARDS rating program. WebsAwards, is a rating program for AP's a progressive, transparent and efficient organization that works to meet the needs of award program owners whether they be new to the awards community or firmly established.


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Certified member     APIRS

The Dove Award Program is a certified and a rated member of Award Programs International Rating Service. This program and its members hold to the highest positive values in ethics relating to giving awards to websites worldwide. This program is closed. I was honored to be part of this organization as a judge.

                        The Dove Award is a Cerified Program World Wide Web Awards 2006

Our AP is a certified program with the WWW

The Dove Award Program is proud to be Certified by the WWW Awards Certification Program. The WWW Certified Award Programs - demonstrates high ethics, an exceptional criteria and wonderful recourses to assist applicants in gaining credibility to their websites. These Award Programs truly are "Best Of The Best" and should be commended for their wonderful contribution to the internet community. Donna Snyder - CEO, World Wide Web Awards

BEI rating programThe Belgica Excellence Index, a pure Belgian Award Program rating index that wishes to reward "excellence through technical achievements". Now technical achievements are to be seen in their broadest sense. This program is rated 7.0

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Award rated 3.0The purpose of this Association is to offer a quality service based on Honor, Ethics and Fairness. You can expect total seriousness and impartiality in our reviewings, because this is what we propose basically. Our purpose is, also, to create a special service that meets both premises: judge with impartiality and reward the efforts of ours associates in the sense of creating and of developing high quality award programs. Founded on December first 2006, the AWARD comes for add, serve and insert, therefore it is the first award program rating service with versions in other languages than English or German.

Family Safe site rated for all ages to view

A Certified Resource Site of Knowledge

                  This program is off line as of our check on 2-26-07



           Easter Seals Dan has performed concerts to raise money amounting into the thousands of dollars        Such a great organization that helps those in need to be taken to doctor's appointments and shopping, sitting and doing work for them showing the real faith of those called by God



 Working with the communities worldwide through many outreach programs Dan joined when he was 18 years old Lions Clubs make the difference throughout the worldCystic Fibrosis



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APEXAPEX (Association for Positive Ethical exchange) This membership is a group of Internet users whose goal is to maintain a high standard of ethics in how dealings on the Internet with associations and organizations which use the Internet to sell, buy or exchange products and information. SafeSurf Rating Standard is a voluntary rating system designed to protect children around the world. We hold the "Safety of children at the top of our list for both this program is founded upon brining music and the Bible to Children. This site works with SafeSurf and has helped make a difference in PIC ratings for sites.

ICRAThe Internet Content Rating Association is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect children from potentially harmful material. We are listed and rated as a family friendly site

family friendlyFamily-Friendly Sites emblems are intended to support the online safety of family members using the Internet. To display the Family Friendly Site logo is to assure the viewer that the site is for all ages and all eyes. Family is part of our own Rating program for we believe that "Family" is the heart of it all.

 Watch Dog

The iWatchDog Licensing Program is designed to provide a globally recognized and consistent standard to define web sites of non-offensive content. The iWatchDog Licensing requires a web site to have the content rated by a content rating system which is ICCS certified under the iWatchDog Program, and then must hold an authorized iWatchDog seal which is valid for a period of one year from point of approval for license.

Ethics Pledge holding to high Ethics on the InternetThe Ethics Pledge Program is for Owners of Website Award Programs and other Award Associated Programs. This website and its staff have taken The Pledge is based upon four things, integrity, impartiality, honesty and fairness in Award Programs. We hold this pledge high in our programs and are honored to be part of this community to make the Internet a better place to surf.


This Site is the founding site for W.O.R.D.  Web site Outreach Representing Difference We invite you to visit our program and consider joining us with the Top Peer's in our AP community. Badges show below.

W.O.R.D.W.O.R.D. graphic for 2008Family Safe 

The W.O.R.D. rating program was launched by this website in 2005. Since then our program has helped make a difference working with both Safesurf and ICRA to make the internet a safer place for children and young people to visit. If you would like to take a stand and join us send in your application today. Supported by some of the highest award programs on the Internet. Over the past few years we have helped to make a difference by having web sites removed from their hosts for targeting children and youth claiming to be 'family safe, or friendly. Together we can make a web site at a time.

Though we would like to give everyone an award we stand behind the ethics and the affiliations of The Rating programs to which we have applied and have met their criteria for giving awards, to which there is no compromise. This site will help or aid any webmaster or owner that wishes to better their sites to the best of our ability.
Certifications are given to Award programs who have been duly qualified as an quality Web Award Program demonstrating high ethics, an exceptional criteria and wonderful resources to assist applicants in gaining credibility and recognition to their websites. We are proud to display these Certifications for both APIRS and The World Wide Web Awards. The Dove Award making a difference and A Life That Made A Difference Monthly and Website of the Year Honor Award. The Dove Award Program is a Certified AP Program meeting the standards and requirements of the World Wide Web Awards.

This website is listed and approved as a site for teachers
The Sites for teachers is a listing that the site is safe for all ages and approved for teachers to use for lesson plans.

Program closed
Now Closed. Thank you for all the years operating this site.RAU Awards Institute is not an awards program, nor does it rate or certify awards programs or webmasters. The RAU Award Institute was set up to serve as an educational resource for those who are interested in or are just getting started with building a web awards program. Here a webmaster can go and find articles about issues dealing with code and problems in design.
The HTML Writers GuildIWA, a professional trade association, is the industry's recognized leader in providing educational and certification standards for Web professionals. IWA's initiatives now support more than 100 official chapters representing over 200,000 individual members in 106 countries. IWA's accomplishments include the industry's first guidelines for ethical and professional standards, Web certification and education programs, specialized employment resources, and technical assistance to individuals and businesses.

Program closed
The Keyboards for Christ Award Program is honored to be part of The Award Ethics Community international. This program is for sites that give out awards through award programs and the program represents a promise of stand to justice, honesty, Fairness and to the international human right.This program is closed

                            mission aids

Award worksheet


                International Ethics Program

The IEP - International Ethics Program has for purpose the recognition of webmasters that are dedicated to the construction of websites inside the standards of ethics, honor and uprightness that we consider essential in all and any work and that generally is translated in the respect to the laws, to the ethics, to the copyright and to the privacy of the involved in the process.

I support the organizations listed below. I have supported them with free concerts to raise money. My oldest son is now in his 6th year receiving a total healing from cancer by the Lord Jesus Christ. I give all the glory, honor, and praise to the Lord. Thank you Jesus. 


Team Scott light up the night walk



September 17, 2007 WHEELER, Charles W. �Bill,� 84, of G C & P Road, Wheeling, W.Va. went home to be with the Lord Jesus Christ on , September 15, 2007, in the Good Shepherd Nursing Home, Wheeling He was a Christian born in Wheeling, on August 28, 1923My dad was taken by this disease in Sept. of 2007. Alzheimers disease is a brain disorder named for German physician Alois Alzheimer who first described it in 1906. Scientists have learned a great deal about Alzheimers disease in the century since Dr. Alzheimer first drew attention to it. Today we know that Alzheimers It is a progressive and fatal brain disease. As many as 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimers disease. Alzheimer's destroys brain cells, causing problems with memory, thinking and behavior severe enough to affect work, lifelong hobbies or social life. Alzheimers gets worse over time, and it is fatal. Today it is the seventh-leading cause of death in the United States.