National Keyboard Artist Dan Wheeler

By the time Dan reached his teenage years he had recorded several record albums one in 1971 which was one of the very first to be on the Jam label of WWVA, and was asked to travel to Nashville  to play keyboards to back up several gospel albums. In 1973 after finishing his booking’s from earlier years Dan disbanded his Band.   Later on in his career Dan Performed on stage of WWVA “Jamboree USA”.  During this period in his career he was also playing concerts for The Hammond Organ Company within the local region of his home. Also during his teenage years he started to work with ‘class’ organ teaching and developing his STS method of teaching. Dan was teaching 4 classes each week with over 100 students.

Dan at WOMP radio in Bellaire

The first of Dan's 21 recordings Danny Boy  WOMP radio staff organistDan at the organ at WOMP as the program director of the station watches

During the  70’s  Dan  met Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys, through a gospel group called The Young Apostles, and was on stage with them several times when they played gospel music in the 70s’. Duane had a recording studio outside of Nashville in Hendersonville. Mr Ken Harding(Currently Founder and President of New Haven Records) and Bud Billings were involved in several of Dan’s Recordings. During the 70’s Dan travelled to Hendersonville to play keyborads for several other recording projects other than his own.   During  Dan’s High School years he  became the staff organist at WOMP radio in Bellaire, Ohio receiving special permission to adjust his classes to play live on the radio several hours each day. Dan also aired his own 30 min live radio program every Saturday morning.

 Triadelphia Little Reads Mascot In 1970 Dan was invited to audition for the NBC orchestra with “Doc” but at that time Dan decided not to go that way as he was considering going into the Marine Corp band.  ” The Triadelphia Little Reds”  Dan marched in his High School band playing the tuba.  During Dan’s senior year he performed two solos in the middle of a football stadium on the organ  at a half-time along with the entire marching band.  Dan had learned to play the tuba during his lunch breaks starting in 10th grade and his passion for it grew.  Dan soon became part of the marching,concert and pep bands playing the bass lines of his big silver tuba.  Dan was known for his mastery of the Bass pedals on the organ and played them as fast as the keyboards, so the deep sounds of the bass lead him to his love for this instrument. They seemed to complement each other as Dan’s Bass pedal mastery on the organ went to new heights.

Dans love for the tubaAs a senior in high school Dan was kept very busy as he was also involved as the chairman for the Cystic Fibrosis of the Tri-State area, holding down two church organist positions, staff organist of a radio station, along with his band.

Upon graduation Dan was considering going into the Marine Corp Band playing the tuba as it was as great as love for Dan as the organ but took a position as a store manager for a local music company.  During this time Dan played several concerts for the Hammond Organ Company and became involved in Keyboard Class Lessons program for Hammond.  During his years in the music industry Dan has worked with all the leading manufacturers and top dealerships in the nation,  in both management and performance capabilities.  Then the dream came true……………………

Dan has performed on the same program as the Headliners:  The Oak Ridge Boys,  Bobby Vinton, Fabian, Ronnie Dove,(From American Bandstand) Frankie Yankovic, Harmonicats, Henry and Hazel Slaughter, Young Apostles, Bill and Gloria Gaither, Hector Olivera considered to be one of the Worlds greatest organists, and others.