A Life That Made A Difference Website of the Year Award

We want to thank all the people throughout the world who have taken the time to write essay’s and submit sites for our Web site of the year award. This year there are two award catagories. One for Award programs and another for stand alone subject’s. Winner’s of the Web site of the Awards for 2007 :
Web site of the Year awards for 2007 go to Mr. David Bancroft of AS Award Sites and  The Celebration of a Passoniate life. We thank our panel and those who nominated these sites. Both sites truly are those who can say ” A life that made a difference”. Click here . NOT A I award    but  a SERVICE award!  Service to others in the World we live.
PURPOSE of this Award: To honor those living and gone that have made a difference in the journey of life. To those who are plain..ordinary heroe’s. Those who give to the world rather than always ‘taking”.This award is in honor of the memory of Mr. Matt Hunter who was killed in Iraq.

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There are two basic guidelines.

1. The eassy it is a must

2.  The basic  [Criteria]

How it works: You may submit more than one nomination but must do it in the time frame of this program. All nominations for the Web site of the year must be in by Dec. 10th, 2008. Nominations for the Site of the month are due in by the 25th of each month. The same guidelines above apply to the site of the month nomination. The graphic will be created for that site alone. It is a one of a kind.

ChildrenThis is a open nomination to award program sites and stand alone subject sites. This award is based upon a person’s life ‘that made a difference or makes a difference”. It has nothing to do with what they believe, their religion, their views on life. Though we except all nominations we also still reserve the right to deem proper materials that we will except. If a site is trying to endorse their views that is not exceptable for that is ONE…and one is not service to others in our world.  One must make the difference in the journey of life by serving ‘others, is how a difference is made in this nomination.

Though this award is a Nomination the Web site must still meet our Criteria of this Award. The Criteria of this award is not the same as “The Dove Award”. This award is a nomination and follows a essay.  We except all nominations for this award. According to our Criteria your site must be for all ages and all eyes.

  Monthly nominations for “A life that made a difference” must follow the same criteria listed below, so please read it carefully.  Nominations for the monthly award may be made by Internet Surfers, other webmasters, websites, and our staff including our judges, and owner. Though we would like to honor all who are nominated this award is hard to achieve and not every nomination will be excepted. We appreciate all that these websites do to make a difference. You many place another nomination after 30 days if you do not receive this honor and have made some “change” or difference.  How a life made a difference. By reaching out to the world by giving of ones ‘self” to which the ultimate sacrific is made in both the living and those who have passed on.

Criteria please readRules, guidelines, to maintain our world we all must use them if we are to live in harmony with our fellow human beings.  This Nomination for Website of the Year also has guidelines and rules for one to follow to achieve the final outcome of receiving the award. Our guidelines are not the same Criteria as Our Dove Award Program.  I use the following basic criteria and subjective review when evaluating the artistry and design of your site.

Criteria please readThis Nomination is limited to Personal Homepages, organizations, churches, schools, non profit ministries and educational. (see second award this year 2007)  You must be at least 18 years of age to apply. Commercial sites that do not have a INC status. The 2007 award will be given one to the outstanding award program and one for the stand alone subject site. The Dove award program Criteria does not apply to this honor award.

Change in 2007 award honor ( A Second award will be issued this year for award programs, stand alone programs included) Our Dove award program will not evaluate stand alone award programs. We wanted to give visitors a chance to honor those men and women of the internet that help to make a difference in the award community.

Criteria please readWhether you use a visual theme or not, your overall presentation should be uniform , attractive and shown to the viewers  to make a difference in the journey we call life in some way or form. The structure of your design should create a fluid tour of your presentation. Organized visual navigation plays an important role in reviewing your layout. It should be Easy to navigate throughout each page and there should be “Top” buttons for pages that are longer the the normal scroll. My review will scrutinize your creativeness, color scheme,  visual layout,  optimization.

ESSAY IS A MUST  without a essay the nomination will not be excepted.


About CopyrightsYour site… must have a copyright statement or notice  or footer that all applicable web site graphics, banners, music, logos, and artistry were created by you or you or your team, and give credits due to the original author of the materials that you use. If you display additional imagery created by others, you should display the proper credit and permission to use. If you are the owner of all materials you must state that on your site.

The Essay is the heart of the nomination Site of the month and Web site of the year both must include a essay.  (essays will not be posted due to privacy)

                                       About the Essay………………….

disqualified You must include an essay no less than 50 words but no more than 250 words describing why this site makes a difference Including how it has made a difference in someone or someone’s life and how it has touched or touches the visitors heart from the visit.

Example: There are sites that reach out and touch people, one such site that I believe is the Hands touching hearts. This site walks a person through the life experiences of a person who has weathered through the tough times in searching out for real answers. This site has made such a difference as I was facing a storm to which there seemed to be no end and the poems and articles were just what I needed in this time. The web master even contacted me through e-mail and had words of encouragement that helped me through. Truly she reached out with her heart and touched mine by giving me a helping hand.


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Basic Criteria

(Please note: this Criteria is not the same as “The Dove Award”

disqualified-Any sites containing profanity, pornography, hate groups, ethnic slandering, violence, sexism,

[We reserve the right to judge what we feel is a religion or proper materials]

disqualified-Text or images which discriminate against a religion, gender, race, political

affiliation or any other social, physical or psychological trait or affiliation.

disqualified– Any sites that promote any illegal actions or instructional that result in the

Harming of others or property. Visual or text

 disqualifiedText or images of human/or animal  or any other content we deem unsuible

disqualified-Improper ICRA rating or a RED light from the ICRA Your site must be family friendly and post at least one of the following organizations.  ICRA/Safesurf/Family Friendly. This site must be Family Friendly.

disqualified-No  Mission statement relating to

what you are trying to share on your website. All nominations must have a purpose or mission.

disqualifiedPrivacy Statement is a must

disqualified – Not having A way to contact the webmaster or owner from the site. Contact is very important when a site works for the good of others.

disqualified-Any Password protection or member only areas. The exception to this rule is that the judges be given a password to review the pages and the content within providing there  is enough other content. .

disqualified-By  Not including on your e-mail Nomination the programs logo “A Life that made a difference”.  This is a MUST.

disqualified– Not giving credit for materials other than the web owner. Broadband theif is out!
disqualified– Sites not in English, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Dutch, or Spanish or no respective versions available. Online translators will not be counted as a valid version.
disqualified– Multiple auto-pop up windows for advertising. No exceptions.
disqualified– Multiple broken links or external links. (404’s)
disqualified– Any sites with right click disabled. Links checked by Link checker.
disqualified– Cable modem (1.5 mbps) is used for Internet access, so load time is not critical. Unreasonably long load times will result in disqualification. 90 seconds or more for any single page is considered unreasonable load time.
disqualified– Sites not compatible in AOL,  and Internet Explorer browser,  or crashing my browser.

disqualified–  Multiple spelling problems. This means just that many.

disqualified Failure to fill out your e-mail will result in us not excepting your nomination. You may Nominate again but not within a 30 day period.

disqualified-Music is awesome but you must have a way to turn the music off from each page.   If you use flash you must also have a way to ‘Skip” it.