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The women of Matthew’s genealogical

God doesn’t choose according to righteousness under the Mosaic Law. Matthew takes great care to point this out in his genealogical record by purposely including the names of four women through whom the Messiah came – all of whom would have been ‘disqualified’ if God’s calling depended upon the righteousness of the Law.

a. Tamar
Mtw 1:3

Gen 38:11-30 informs us that Judah’s daughter-in-law, deprived of a promised husband (the last of Judah’s sons), impersonated a harlot. She enticed Judah to lie with her and from that illicit union came two sons – Perez and Zerah. And from Perez sprung Boaz, David and ultimately the Christ.

Moses’ Law speaks out against such a union and pronounces the death sentence upon both individuals. Lev 20:12 records the command as

‘If a man lies with his daughter-in-law, both of them shall be put to death; they have committed incest, their blood is upon them’

We’ve already looked at this incident under the person of ‘Perez’ in part one where we noted that Tamar had acted righteously by doing what she did. However, in this instance the Law makes no allowance for the intention of the heart and can only judge the situation by what has actually taken place.

b. Rahab
Mtw 1:5

Because Rahab had given friendly welcome to the spies, she’d exercised faith in the spies’ God (Heb 11:31). She believed that Jehovah was about to destroy Jericho and give Israel Canaan, so she petitioned the spies to spare her (Joshua 2:9-13).

Having entered into a covenant agreement with her (Joshua 2:14,17-20), she tied a red cord in the window, demonstrating her faith (belief in action) and was saved by Jehovah who didn’t let her habitation in the wall be destroyed (Joshua 6:25). Though the NT writer James had something positive to say about the entire incident (James 2:25) as did the writer to the Hebrews quoted earlier, the Law – which had already been given and was in effect at this time – has something very different to say.

In Deut 7:1-5 we read that YHWH told Israel to utterly destroy everything in the land of Canaan in their campaign of war when God gave them victory (Deut 7:2). Neither were they to enter into covenant relationship with any of them as Joshua 9:3-27 shows – the scheme of the Gibeonites (see also Exodus 23:32, Deut 20:16-17).

Entering into a covenant relationship with Rahab, sparing her life and allowing her to enter the assembly of the Lord (the nation of Israel) was in opposition to what was plainly set out in the Law of the Lord. Yet she became the mother of Christ.

Notice that Rahab was known as ‘the harlot’ (Joshua 2:1) although Matthew doesn’t use the title. It also has obvious implications with regard to Deut 5:18 (‘neither shall you commit adultery’). The Law of Moses made no provision for mercy to be shown to the inhabitants of Canaan. Indeed, the Law makes no provision for faith and the righteousness that comes by it when this is opposed to its legal demands.

c. Ruth
Mtw 1:5

Ruth 1:16 notes Ruth’s decision that

‘Your God [shall be] my God’

and Boaz notes in Ruth 2:12 that YHWH was the God

‘…under whose wings you have come to take refuge’

Ruth forsook the god of her fathers and of her nation and married herself to the living God of Israel. She exercised faith by recognising that Jehovah is the true God and by turning to Him from idolatrous (and maybe even immoral) types of worship (see Numbers 25:1-3, 6-8). It seems, therefore, that apart from the entire race of the Gibeonites (Joshua chapter 9), the first two freewill conversions to the Jewish ‘religion’ were both women.

Even though this ‘conversion’ caused the Israelites to welcome her as part of the Israelite line, the Law had less flattering things to say about her.

Ruth was a Moabitess (Ruth 1:4) and, under the Law (Deut 23:3-6), it was an eternal statute that they were to never enter the assembly of YHWH (that is, Israel the nation. The phrase ‘even to the tenth generation’ implies a figurative amount of time which is shown in Deut 23:6 to be ‘forever’).

Yet it’s plain from Scripture that Ruth not only came under the wings of Jehovah but that she settled amongst the nation in the land of Israel. From her marriage union with Boaz, David came and the greater Son of David, Jesus (David, strictly speaking, was the third generation from Ruth, well within a literal ‘ten’ generations but see the discussion and quote from Ruthmor in part one under Ram and Admin about the lineage being compressed at this point).

d. Bathsheba
Mtw 1:6

Through the incident of II Sam 11:1-12:25, David broke at least four of the ten commandments.

i. He coveted his neighbour’s wife – II Sam 11:2
ii. He committed adultery (or, perhaps, rape) – II Sam 11:4
iii. He committed murder – II Sam 11:14-21
iv. He stole Bathsheba to be his wife – II Sam 12:4

There are various other passages in the Law that comment on the incidents recorded in II Samuel, especially the ones dealing with sexual sin (such as rape) and loving God.

The child who was conceived through that adulterous act was smitten by God and died, but the union of husband and wife was, after repentance, blessed by God and from the marriage came Solomon, David’s heir.

But the Law’s remedy for such an occurrence was the death of both the man and the woman (Lev 20:10). It wasn’t possible to ‘sanctify’ an adulterous relationship (see also Deut 22:23-27 where the Law regarding rape is given which also demands that both parties be put to death – there are, however, uncertainties by comparison to declare the incident as one of rape).

Notice that, by writing ‘the wife of Uriah’ instead of ‘Bathsheba’, Matthew is deliberately bringing out the sinfulness of the union and hints at his intention of naming these four women. What’s been true of the first three women is equally true here – that while the Law condemns such actions, YHWH still accepted the individuals into the line of the Messiah.

We’ve discussed above in part one that the heir according to the flesh came probably through Nathan’s line and not via Solomon. But the point here made is equally relevant as both Solomon and Nathan had Bathsheba as their mother – and that after the adulterous relationship. 

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Genealogy is an important subject in the Old Testament – entire chapters are devoted to the record of ancestors and their offspring. Its quite surprising, then, that the Church hasn’t given it the place it deserves over the years – the RSV relegates the genealogical records to small type in one of its more popular editions (the Bible that I first started with when I became a christian) so as to help the reader not to be bogged down if he’s wanting only to read the plot.

Though this procedure can be well appreciated (and it certainly helped me as a new christian to access the Bible more easily), it must also be understood that the genealogy of the Messiah is an integral part of the plot – it bears witness to the promise and its fulfilment that through Abraham’s natural offspring, the One who was to restore all things was to be brought to earth. He is the last word on the genealogical records, the summation of all that Israel was looking for.

In a very real sense, genealogical records are now of no consequence, for salvation is shown to be not of natural lineage (just as it was in the OT though not as definitively as it is in the New) but of rebirth by the Holy Spirit according to the acceptance of, reliance upon and active participation in the work of Christ on the cross – and the burial, resurrection and subsequent ascension.

Jesus is the Messiah

I’ve divided up the following genealogy into three columns to try and show simply which fathers and relatives are mentioned in each of the two Gospels. I’ve included the four women along with the descendants wherever they occur but it must be noted that it’s only Matthew who makes mention of them for reasons that I’ve gone in to in part two.

It shouldn’t be expected that either or both genealogies contain a complete list of all the descendants as it was often the practice to miss out sons so that grandparents became the fathers of their grandsons, even as Jesus was called Son of David by the multitudes (Mtw 21:9).

Luke 3:23-38 begins with Jesus and ends with Adam, from modern times to ancient, and, as the author travelled extensively with Paul on his missionary journeys, the Gospel is normally taken to be more a message for the Gentiles if Matthew, conversely, is taken as being for the Jews. As such, it traces the genealogy back to the very foundation of the world and the first man, Adam.
Mtw 1:1-17 begins with Abraham and ends with Jesus and, therefore, presents the reader with a more logical order, from ancient times to modern. The Gospel is reputed to be the Gospel that was specifically written for the Jews, the gospel of the Kingdom, and therefore it wouldn’t be surprising that Matthew begins his record with Abraham.

It was to Abraham that every Jew traced his or her ancestry back, seeing in him the beginning of God’s purpose with regard to the people and nation of Israel.

Abraham (the first Jew in Matthew’s list) is also the first of the six patriarchs Abraham-Isaac-Jacob- Judah-David-Zerubbabel) through whom God specifically promised to bring the Messiah to earth for the benefit of all mankind.

Internal evidence is also present in the form of transliterated Hebrew words which occur on numerous occasions and which remain uninterpreted in the text (for example, Mtw 5:22 [fool] and 27:6 [treasury]) and Jewish religious traditions that go unexplained (whereas the Gentile Gospels offer explanations for their readers – for example Mtw 15:2 Cp Mark 7:1-4) suggest that Matthew’s readers would have been familiar with such Judaistic practice.

However, the evidence supporting the theory that the Gospel of Matthew first appeared in Hebrew form before being translated into Greek for wider circulation is, realistically, flawed. Besides, the mention by Eusebius of a Gospel to the Hebrews� that’s often identified with this early manuscript is better seen as a heretical document (regarded as such by the early Church) and therefore unlikely to be this Gospel.

And the similarity of Greek text between Matthew and Mark/Luke in passages relating to the same event, make the Aramaic/Hebrew original theory extremely unlikely and not at all compelling.

Though Matthew was almost certainly originally written in Greek, the Jewish connection that’s come down to us through many varying sources and commentators may be that, initially, its intended readership was Greek-speaking Jews either within Israel or in the Diaspora.

Matthew’s genealogy is divided up into three groups of fourteen fathers. I know of at least one other genealogical record in ancient history that has this sort of division (an Egyptian genealogical record carved on the side of a quarry in present day Egypt) and it’s therefore quite possible that 14 was a number that lent itself well to the memorisation of genealogical records. Whether this is true or not, we have no way of knowing, but one indication that this is an aid to memory is seen in the fact that 14 new names are listed in both the first group and second but only thirteen in the third (fourteen is made when the repeated father Jeconiah is included in the list – if we include the repeated David in the second list as in the third, then we would arrive at fifteen), Matthew choosing to conform his lists to fourteens for remembrance sake rather than for literal accuracy.

Additionally, there have been many attempts to see in Matthew’ s use of three groups of fourteen, a symbolical meaning, some related to Daniel’s seventy weeks of years. It’s even pointed out that the summation of the numerical values of David’s name (D=4, W=6, D=4) totals fourteen, thereby giving a reason for Matthew’s use of that number, Jesus being David’s greater Son. It seems very unlikely that Matthew would have purposefully sat down to conform his genealogy thus, but it’s an interesting aside. Whether we can determine anything truly (rather than hypothetically) theological or spiritual out of this is extremely doubtful.

There’s also a point made by Matmor (page 25) that, according to Finkelstein, the number fourteen was significant to the Jews in so far as this corresponded

…to the number of high priests from Aaron to the establishment of Solomon�s Temple; the number of high priests from the establishment of the Temple until Jaddua, the last high priest mentioned in Scripture…

In this way, Matthew’s intention would be to show Jesus as a type of the great high priest (Hebrews chapter 7)

after the order of Melchizedek

Whatever the reason for this division, it’s clear that Matthew had some purpose which we can only speculate over.


This study in part was put together from the notes of Mr. Lee Smith what a blessin

A time to reflect The Dove Award making a difference

Noticeable change….Ogelbay Falls outside of Wheeling, Wv one picture is still..the other is done in GIF the water is moving.  Noticable change…making a lasting difference.

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 One of my favorite places to go here in the Hills of West Virginia is Ogelbay Park. Here you can sit and enjoy nature. The cool water falling at the Falls while the leaves blow in the wind, allows you to stop and reflect. Just as the water from the beginning of your journey made its way to the shore, you now are about to take your final step of this journey to see if “Your site made a difference. From your first steps on your journey if you came via the Flash or Dial up you were asked to rest awhile and reflect.Make sure you complete your journey by reading everything on this page while you reflect.

To complete your journey please take a minute and just reflect upon this visit with us here. Have you answered all the questions in your mind about the application.  Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us. take your time and relax. Enjoy the falls at Ogelgay Park here in the beautiful hills of West Virginia. You may want to take the self test, a few questions about your journey to “making a difference”  and click on the book to read a very important phrase. Also you can receive a bonus of 5 points for a spelling problem in the application.  The new Legacy award graphic is offered to sites that reach the point value of 125. This graphic was created with much time and thought. It is on display at the worksheet page. Remember if you have any questions contact us, we suggust that you take your time. If you are not sure of something or need to correct a problem, make the correction before you submit your application. You must wait 90 days before you can reapply for our award.  REFLECT upon your journey, sometimes we need to stop and reflect upon the ‘truth’ of the Word. We sometimes get lost .

The Bible jpg<Click here and read

re·flect (r-flkt)

v. re·flect·ed, re·flect·ing, re·flects

1. To throw or bend back (light, for example) from a surface. See Synonyms at echo.
2. To give back or show an image of (an object); mirror.
3. To make apparent; express or manifest: Her work reflects intelligence.
4. To bring as a consequence: The victory reflects credit on the coach.
5. Archaic To bend back.


1. To be bent or thrown back: Her voice reflected off the canyon walls.
2. To give something back, as light or sound: a shiny surface that reflects well.


a. To give evidence of the characteristics or qualities of someone or something: That student’s performance reflects well on the whole school.
b. To bring blame or discredit: Hasty preparation of the report will reflect on you.

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Nature and Meaning of the Lord’s Supper

The Nature

It is a visualized act of worship which symbolically visualizes spiritual truth for our edification using two symbolic elements: the bread and the cup, and four symbolic actions: (1) breaking the bread and sharing it, (2) eating the bread, (3) pouring and passing the cup, and (4) drinking the fruit of the vine from the cup.

The Meaning of the Elements and Symbolic Acts

The Elements:

(1) The Bread: The bread symbolically speaks of the body or the person of Christ as the God-man Savior, the one who was and is the bread of life come down from heaven as God’s solution to man’s sinful state (Matt. 26:26; Mark 14:22; Luke 22:19; 1 Cor. 11:24). The bread remains bread, but it symbolizes the concept of the incarnation. God the Son in the person of Jesus Christ took upon Himself true and sinless humanity that He might die for us, and now lives on in His glorified state to be our life and to be in our midst as the head of the body of Christ, His church (John 6:32-33, 38, 48-58).

(2) The Cup: The cup was filled with the fruit of the vine which was red like blood. This, as Christ taught, is symbolic of the blood of the covenant which was shed on behalf of many.

The cup with its blood red wine calls to mind the cross and the death Christ died as our sinless substitute. It proclaims the Lord’s death as accomplished, but it is not a reenactment of His death; it simply reminds us salvation has been accomplished and our sins put away as far as the east is from the west. It portrays His life given in death as God’s Lamb.

It also stands for the new covenant, the concept that the Old Testament or old covenant in types and shadows has been fulfilled and put away, and that we have God’s guarantee of the forgiveness of our sins based on the finished work and death of Christ (Heb. 10:14-18).

Keyboards for Christ Music Ministry/Lets talk about Heroes Vacation Bible School Program/Hero Academy/Dove Award Program

Regardless of what one finds or does not find in historical records, the fact is musical instruments are revealed in the Bible, used in worship, and were not abolished by the New Testament writers. God created music to glorify Himself….including instruments so who are we who were created to praise God to say what God desires?  Do you really think that God who created this tool, would say it is a sin to use instruments to PRAISE HIM?  We get so caught up in things that we, man our denominations, our dogma, and doctrines that we forget such simple lessons God taught us.

Anti-Instrument … we are not under the old testament today since it was nailed to the cross ; Colossians 2: 14 – 17

Response … these verses are simply ripped from their context ; note what was nailed to the cross ; ” having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us, having nailed it to the cross, so let no one judge you in – food, drink, festival, new moon, or Sabbaths – Colossians 2: 14 – 17 – not a word about musical instruments.

Anti-Instrument … to justify musical instruments by the old testament is to be severed from Christ and fall from grace – Galatians 5: 4

Response … the letter of Galatians was written by Paul because some were teaching that in order to be ( saved – justified ) one must keep the law of – circumcision, days, months, seasons and years – again not a word about musical instruments – Galatians 2:14-16 … 3:11-13

…4:9-11 … 5:1-4 … 6:13-15 … this was also something Paul had to deal with in Acts 15:1-2 ff

The new testament is very clear that circumcision, religious festivals, sacrifices, and sabbaths are no longer binding. But praising God with musical instruments was never abolished by the new testament writers.

Praising God with musical instruments was …

commanded by God – 2 Chronicles 29:25

inspired by the Holy Spirit – Psalm 150

used on earth and in heaven – Revelation 5:8-9 … 14:2-3 … 15:2-3

And Jesus taught … ” thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven ” … Matthew 6:10

Heart Worship … the new testament teaches Christians to sing and make melody or music in your heart to the Lord – Colossians 3:16 – Ephesians 5:19

Note these translations of Ephesians 5:19 …

and with your hearts sing and play music to the Lord – BECK

sing and make music in your hearts – TCNT

singing and striking the strings with your heart unto the Lord – RHM

These scriptures were not written to teach Christians to sing without musical instruments; they were written to teach Christians to sing songs of praise and to sing them from their heart.

Some people 2000 years ago were teaching … ” unless you are circumcised you cannot be saved ” – Acts 15:1-5 ff

Today some people are teaching that … ” unless you sing songs of praise to God without musical instruments you are sinning and must repent in order to keep your salvation in Christ ”

Paul had this to say about those people 2000 years ago …

they were preaching another gospel

they were perverting the gospel

they should be accursed

they had fallen from grace

Read … Galatians 1:6-9 … 2:14-16 … 5:19-24

unless you are circumcised you cannot be saved

unless you sing without musical instruments you cannot be saved

Sounds familiar doesn’t it ?

The old testament scriptures are still useful for – learning , teaching , and making one wise … Romans 15:4 … 2 Timothy 3:15-16

The new testament seems to make it clear that it is possible for Christians to be one without being uniform in customs. That the Jewish believers can still practice circumcision , observe the festivals , and keep the law. That the Gentile believers do not have to do so , since these things have nothing to do with the gift of salvation found in Jesus. Please read … ACTS 21:18-26

Now read … Acts 15:1-31 ; 16:3 ; 18:18 … Romans 14:1-6

These things are fine for you Jewish believers but don’t make the law and its customs binding on the Gentile believers; don’t make them necessary for salvation.

Question … was it the custom of the Jews to praise God with musical instruments?

Question … since the new testament makes it clear that the Jewish believers still practiced their customs, do you think they continued to obey Psalm 150?

The new testament writers did not demand that the Gentile belivers act like Jews; and it seems clear that they did not demand the Jewish believers to act like Gentiles.

Anti-Instrument … the new testament is silent on using musical instruments and to use them is adding to God’s word which is sinful.

Response … the new testament is not silent and those who use this argument often pick-and-choosewhere they apply it.

Example … the context of  – 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 – teaches that married women are to ask their husbands at home if they wish to learn about something.

Those who teach that using musical instruments are sinful because the new testament is silent , do not use the same silent argument here. According to their silence argument, married women could not ask the preacher, elders, or deacons. They must ask their husbands at home, and not at church.

Example … Lords Supper … the Supper was observed in the Evening at Night ; see – Matt. 26:20-28 ; I Cor. 11:23-27 ; since the NT is silent on observing the Lords Supper in the morning , is it a sin to do so ?

Example … how does the silent argument apply to – Hebrews 3:13 – daily exhortation – and – Acts 2:46 – daily meetings ?

More examples could be given that would expose this pick-and-choose interpretation, that promotes tradition over the word of God…Mark 7:6-13

It has been my experience that when one challenges a person who teaches this ( law of silence or pattern interpretation ) to simply – think or be consistent – one quickly experiences a person who will either ( blow up or clam up ). That’s because their rules of interpretaion collapses under careful examination. Exposed is their very inconsistent – legalism and patternism – for all to see.

Their legalism and patternism is so unrealistic they must seek loopholes to escape its maze; and if there is something which they themselves choose to do, which contradicts their pattern interpretation, then that something is declared to be expedient.


Holy Scriptures … using the old testament scriptures a person can learn about salvation in Christ, moral instruction, doctrine, and defense of the truth ; according to Paul … 2 Timothy 3:14-17

I do not believe that the new testament writers considered the old testament nailed to the cross. Using circumcision and other external rules to be justified (saved) was nailed to the cross, but the new testament writers practiced what they preached; the old testament is (useful) when used correctly.

Please read … 1 Timothy 1:8 … Romans 15:3-4

The New Testament writers quote the Old Testament over 200 times to teach and defend the faith. They refer to the Old Testament over 600 times.

Praising God with musical instruments was not nailed to the cross or abolished according to the new testament writers.

The N.T. writers are clear ( not silent ) on what is ( no longer ) binding ; such as …

Circumcision , Sacrifices, Food Laws, Days-Times-Seasons, etc.

Romans 14:1-6 , Galatians 4:9-11, 6:15 , Colossians 2:16-17

I do not believe that God is ( silent ) on what pleases Him , and I do not believe God is ( silent ) on what does not please Him.

Everyone who ( hears my words ) and obeys them ; When Jesus finished ( saying ) these things, the people were amazed at His ( teaching ) … Matthew 7:24-28

The Goal of Redemption and the use of Musical Instruments …

The Goal of Redemption is to restore God’s Image of love and holiness in mankind…. One thing I have learned: God made people good. But people have found all kind of ways to be bad…Ecclesiastes 7:29 – New Century Version.

We were created to be like God … And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness ; So God created man in His own image… Genesis 1:26-27.


Restoring the divine image through Christ … to be conformed to the image of His Son; that you may be partakers of the divine nature…Romans 8:29 … 2 Peter 1:4.

Christ is the exact image of God … 2 Corinthians 4:4 … Colossians 1:15

Which is an image of  Holiness and Love … 1 Peter 1:15-16 … 1 John 4:7-8

The old man ( Adam ) must be put off ; The new man ( Christ ) must be put on … Ephesians 4:17-24 … Colossians 3:5-17.

This is the goal of redemption … Faith + Love + Holiness = Eternal Life.

Religion that God accepts as pure and without fault is this; caring for orphans and widows who need help ( Love ) ; and keeping yourself free from the world’s evil influence ( Holiness ) … James 1:27

The writers of the New Testament make it ( clear ) , the Works of the Flesh , ( violate ) – Faith, Love and Holiness – and are sinful – note this in Galatians 5:19-21 and Revelation 22:14-15.

Note how the – fruit of the Spirit – promotes Love and Holiness – read Galatians 5:22-24

To praise God with musical instruments does not ( violate ) – faith, love, or holiness.

This is the goal of redemption, to make us like Christ, who is the exact image of God, to restore the divine image of Love and Holiness.

Unfortunately, some in the Church of Christ seem to think that not using musical instruments is part of the goal of redemption.

Why do you follow external rules, man-made commands; they may seem to be wise, but are only part of a man-made religion; but they do nothing to control the desires of the sinful self; they do not promote love and holiness … read Colossians 3:20-23

Keyboards for Christ Music Ministry/Lets talk about Heroes Vacation Bible School Program/Award Program

Paul  writes: “We wrestle not against flesh and blood or human enemies, but against principalities and powers, the rulers of darkness of this wicked world and all their followers.” Ephesians 6:12.  In spiritual warfare, the enemy already struck us and the enemy is continuously warring to strike us. You do not need permission to strike back the enemy. Your birth into this world engages you in this battle. Your Christian life re-commits you in that engagement. God sent His son into a “Family” unit. Not a church or school to be raised but in a home. With the coming apart today of the home and marraige the family unit is in danger.

Some important facts about children and their behavioral patterns.

   According to teachers’ reports, children whose mothers and/or fathers frequently attended church exhibited higher levels of cognitive skills than those whose parents attended church less often.Children were less likely to exhibit behavioral problems at school if either of their parents (particularly their mothers) attended religious services and if both parents attended church with the same frequency, whether sporadically or frequently, than children whose parents did not attend religious services at all.Children were less likely to have internalizing behavior problems (in terms of anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem, and sadness) if either of their parents attended church services and/or if both parents attended with the same frequency (i.e. either sporadically or frequently.)

Teens from intact families with frequent religious attendance were the least likely to have ever shoplifted (6.1 percent) when compared to (a) their peers from non-intact families with frequent religious attendance (7.9 percent), (b) peers from intact families with low to no religious attendance (9.9 percent), and (c) peers from non-intact families with low to no religious attendance (12.3 percent).

An increase in the proportion of single-parent families in a neighborhood was associated with a significant increase in youth violence.

Youths who more frequently prayed and read, watched, or heard religious content were less likely to exhibit anti-social behavior. Private religious practices also moderated the impact of factors associated with an increase in violent behavior, such as witnessing violence or being the victim of violence.

The following developmental effects can occur for youth involved in online chat: (1) Dis-inhibition in sexuality, aggression and race relations (For example, making inappropriate comments about sexual activity or race that would be considered anti-social in other contexts, or acting out sexually in risky, maladaptive, or illegal ways (i.e. with children). (2) Early sexual priming (3) Modeling of racism, negative attitudes toward women, and homophobia. (4) Breeding of personal and social irresponsibility due to anonymity online.

The letters I L and U form I love You, love is the key to life, the key to all scripture We guide and teach children a little sign language. Becasue the world along with all media including music today uses even this tool of communication for the deaf and turned it into a use for evil right before us.  It is the sign of the Satanic church. They have taken the simple I love you  and twisted into a salute to the devil. There is a clear and present danger we face today. Somewhere we forgot the there is only ONE way, ONE truth, and that is JESUS.  We lost the key along the way that governs morals and values and took the lock off and let the door swing open to the lies of the devil which usher in the sin’s of the flesh and the world.   IT is LOVE and has been replaced with Pride, and Power.  The I L U sign language has been replaced with the hoof sign of the devil.

I L U is the sign language for I Love you the thumb is held extended out but when the thumb is tucked in it is the hoofed sign of the Satanic Church replacing Love with the darkness of the angel of light a love but not that of God

When the thumb is tucked in, it is the hoof sign of the Satanic Church. Thumb is out it is I love You.

Children are like sponges they absorb everything and what we show them by example and what they come into contact with is what goes in, and it is said, so come outFamily the heart of it all wea believe in family and family values God sent His son Jesus Christ into a family unit to be taught not into a church or temple, school or some other unit but FAMILYOur children are being attacked, they only learn by what they take into their minds and hearts. The FAMILY unit is being destroyed. Children still look to the church and see us gossip and backbite, the Sexual Abuse, how the people in the congregation show little or no love, are not in unity always fighting, and seeking power and wanting money.  Our homes are falling apart because we are told that we must “do whats best for oneself”, best for me.  Be all that you can be. And the church again compromises and say’s that’s ok, we are called into PEACE. They look to Harry Potter because our church leaders say it is ok, nothing wrong with the books and movies, they place tattoos on their bodies of Harry Potter because the church celebrates a Mass in his honor, and we wonder why our children rebell and show not respect or accountability.   The GOOD SAMARITIAN gave the 2 most presious items that we as humans find it hard to part with… OUR TIME  and OUR MONEY.  In this ministry we ask you for no money just your TIME.

No wonder our children are looking to Heroe’s as they do, and become part of cults because the family has lost LOVE, the church has fallen into sin, and try to hide in secret. The cult shows a love that is fleshly.   The father that was for many years seen as a child’s hero has been replaced by Spiderman being claimed Christlike in Character and with the Trinity, and games like Guitar Hero role playing characters of PURE DARKNESS, and our Churches offering services in honor of HARRY POTTER. and the church saying its ok.  We are faced with a great challenge to make a difference in childrens lives, to guide them in the Way of Truth through The Word of God. To teach them accountability and respect. In many way’s our children have deep inside lost their trust in the church.  We must take this task on with LOVE not judgment, with PRAYER, not words of hurt, with FAITH not fear. Together lets make a difference….one child at a time. The apple just a small fruit lead us to death and separation from paradise,we must be very careful in the world with our eyes open to the angel of light and his same old lies that he used in the garden of EdenThe Apple is such a good fruit. Who would have thought that it would have caused us death and separation from paradise for us? Such things that we think are not important or won’t matter are sweeping our childrens minds.

Faith leads to adoration to confession to thanksgiving to supplication the facts of lifeThe 5 finger prayer starting with the thumb which represents home and those closest to us and continues read more about prayer in our program

We Believe that PRAYER is vitual to  Teaching Children “on their level”. Author Dan Wheeler brings the teaching materials down to a child’s level. Some of the highlights of our programs deal with Teaching the Ten Commandments, Unity and Prayer, Faith, Forgiveness, and Salvation, Communion, Baptism, colors of the Tabernacle, The Tabernacle, The Disciples of Christ, Birds in the Bible, Musical Instruments of the Bible,  just to name a few. The Word of God, the Bible is the handbook for life.We must train children how to just simply ‘talk’  to God just as they talk with each other. The 5 finger prayer is a very easy way to teach children about prayer. Along with our visual examples in the lessons such as the ‘Prayer Jar’  ‘The Prayer Can’, ‘The Prayer Balloons’. The STS method developed by Dan uses  Sight, Touch, Sound to teach children about music and the Bible, about Real Heroes, and real worship.  Sign up today for these exciting free programs.

Thanks Debbie for giving me the permission to use your awsome song for we must hide the word of God in our heartsSee We can make a difference online.  This link was added just this week due to the requests of teachers. We wanted a way to allow them to hear our theme song without downloading special add on’s or media players. So you will have to close the page after you view it. Click on red X at the top right of your browser to close the window You will remain on this page you will just be closing the window. Hiding God’s Word in the hearts of Children.This is a link. You can hear our programs Theme song. This song is used with permission from the composer and supports this ministry. Thanks to Debbie for allowing me to use this awesome song for the theme song of this program.  The Bible Alphabet Song is on Kids Praise! 5 “Psalty’s Camping Adventure”  ©1985 Rettino Kerner Publishing  –
Written by Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino

Keyboards for Christ Music/Award Program Feb 2006 Winners

Awarded to Firestarter Awards Program for Feb 2006 “A life that made a difference” Award.  Jo Phillips the program owner shows compassion and helps to make a difference in peoples lives on the internet. Jo Phillips website program is both an honor to the internet and a tribute to perfection. It is with the highest honor that she be awarded this honor for she truly made a difference in the lives many people. She has touched our lives. This award is the bird of peace the dove dropping a tear that forms a three sided pyramid.

    Graphic number 1      Graphic number 2
      Jack Neal Photographer
Let it hereby be known and acknowledged:
 Feb 17th  Jack A Neal Photographer  This is a well done website that “makes a difference”. Jack is a world class photographer that puts the eyes of his heart into his creations. We are proud to honor him with our website award.  Winner of the Dove Award “making a difference”
       Speak Out America
Let it hereby be known and acknowledged:
 Radio Hosts Jim Nicholson and Kaye Grogan voicing out about important moral values of our nation. You can make a difference …so speak out American!     Winner of The Dove Award “making a difference”  Feb 2006
         Sarah E. Wintz
Let it hereby be known and acknowledged:
This is a special award. It cannot be applied for. It is given out according to the criteria. A tribute to the passionate life of a 17 year old that was killed when a car ran a red light. This webiste touches the heart, done by her mother. Featuring pictures, music and Sarahs own notes about life.   Life that made a difference award for Feb 2006.

       The Ethics Pledge

Let it hereby be known and acknowledged:

This website holds the highest of standards to the internet awards program. The Ethics Pledge. Striving to “make a difference” in websites on the Internet. Your great Sandy keep up the fine work.  Winner of  “A life that made a difference” Award for Feb 2006.

        A Celtic Heart

Let it hereby be known and acknowledged:

A Celtic Heart  This site touches the heart with a tear drop of the difference that a website makes through the mission carried out to achieve the difference the visitor goes away with. Great Job, Well done  The Dove Award “for making a difference.


A Life That Made A Difference Website of the Year Award

We want to thank all the people throughout the world who have taken the time to write essay’s and submit sites for our Web site of the year award. This year there are two award catagories. One for Award programs and another for stand alone subject’s. Winner’s of the Web site of the Awards for 2007 :
Web site of the Year awards for 2007 go to Mr. David Bancroft of AS Award Sites and  The Celebration of a Passoniate life. We thank our panel and those who nominated these sites. Both sites truly are those who can say ” A life that made a difference”. Click here . NOT A I award    but  a SERVICE award!  Service to others in the World we live.
PURPOSE of this Award: To honor those living and gone that have made a difference in the journey of life. To those who are plain..ordinary heroe’s. Those who give to the world rather than always ‘taking”.This award is in honor of the memory of Mr. Matt Hunter who was killed in Iraq.

  Back to Site of the Year Award

There are two basic guidelines.

1. The eassy it is a must

2.  The basic  [Criteria]

How it works: You may submit more than one nomination but must do it in the time frame of this program. All nominations for the Web site of the year must be in by Dec. 10th, 2008. Nominations for the Site of the month are due in by the 25th of each month. The same guidelines above apply to the site of the month nomination. The graphic will be created for that site alone. It is a one of a kind.

ChildrenThis is a open nomination to award program sites and stand alone subject sites. This award is based upon a person’s life ‘that made a difference or makes a difference”. It has nothing to do with what they believe, their religion, their views on life. Though we except all nominations we also still reserve the right to deem proper materials that we will except. If a site is trying to endorse their views that is not exceptable for that is ONE…and one is not service to others in our world.  One must make the difference in the journey of life by serving ‘others, is how a difference is made in this nomination.

Though this award is a Nomination the Web site must still meet our Criteria of this Award. The Criteria of this award is not the same as “The Dove Award”. This award is a nomination and follows a essay.  We except all nominations for this award. According to our Criteria your site must be for all ages and all eyes.

  Monthly nominations for “A life that made a difference” must follow the same criteria listed below, so please read it carefully.  Nominations for the monthly award may be made by Internet Surfers, other webmasters, websites, and our staff including our judges, and owner. Though we would like to honor all who are nominated this award is hard to achieve and not every nomination will be excepted. We appreciate all that these websites do to make a difference. You many place another nomination after 30 days if you do not receive this honor and have made some “change” or difference.  How a life made a difference. By reaching out to the world by giving of ones ‘self” to which the ultimate sacrific is made in both the living and those who have passed on.

Criteria please readRules, guidelines, to maintain our world we all must use them if we are to live in harmony with our fellow human beings.  This Nomination for Website of the Year also has guidelines and rules for one to follow to achieve the final outcome of receiving the award. Our guidelines are not the same Criteria as Our Dove Award Program.  I use the following basic criteria and subjective review when evaluating the artistry and design of your site.

Criteria please readThis Nomination is limited to Personal Homepages, organizations, churches, schools, non profit ministries and educational. (see second award this year 2007)  You must be at least 18 years of age to apply. Commercial sites that do not have a INC status. The 2007 award will be given one to the outstanding award program and one for the stand alone subject site. The Dove award program Criteria does not apply to this honor award.

Change in 2007 award honor ( A Second award will be issued this year for award programs, stand alone programs included) Our Dove award program will not evaluate stand alone award programs. We wanted to give visitors a chance to honor those men and women of the internet that help to make a difference in the award community.

Criteria please readWhether you use a visual theme or not, your overall presentation should be uniform , attractive and shown to the viewers  to make a difference in the journey we call life in some way or form. The structure of your design should create a fluid tour of your presentation. Organized visual navigation plays an important role in reviewing your layout. It should be Easy to navigate throughout each page and there should be “Top” buttons for pages that are longer the the normal scroll. My review will scrutinize your creativeness, color scheme,  visual layout,  optimization.

ESSAY IS A MUST  without a essay the nomination will not be excepted.


About CopyrightsYour site… must have a copyright statement or notice  or footer that all applicable web site graphics, banners, music, logos, and artistry were created by you or you or your team, and give credits due to the original author of the materials that you use. If you display additional imagery created by others, you should display the proper credit and permission to use. If you are the owner of all materials you must state that on your site.

The Essay is the heart of the nomination Site of the month and Web site of the year both must include a essay.  (essays will not be posted due to privacy)

                                       About the Essay………………….

disqualified You must include an essay no less than 50 words but no more than 250 words describing why this site makes a difference Including how it has made a difference in someone or someone’s life and how it has touched or touches the visitors heart from the visit.

Example: There are sites that reach out and touch people, one such site that I believe is the Hands touching hearts. This site walks a person through the life experiences of a person who has weathered through the tough times in searching out for real answers. This site has made such a difference as I was facing a storm to which there seemed to be no end and the poems and articles were just what I needed in this time. The web master even contacted me through e-mail and had words of encouragement that helped me through. Truly she reached out with her heart and touched mine by giving me a helping hand.


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Basic Criteria

(Please note: this Criteria is not the same as “The Dove Award”

disqualified-Any sites containing profanity, pornography, hate groups, ethnic slandering, violence, sexism,

[We reserve the right to judge what we feel is a religion or proper materials]

disqualified-Text or images which discriminate against a religion, gender, race, political

affiliation or any other social, physical or psychological trait or affiliation.

disqualified– Any sites that promote any illegal actions or instructional that result in the

Harming of others or property. Visual or text

 disqualifiedText or images of human/or animal  or any other content we deem unsuible

disqualified-Improper ICRA rating or a RED light from the ICRA Your site must be family friendly and post at least one of the following organizations.  ICRA/Safesurf/Family Friendly. This site must be Family Friendly.

disqualified-No  Mission statement relating to

what you are trying to share on your website. All nominations must have a purpose or mission.

disqualifiedPrivacy Statement is a must

disqualified – Not having A way to contact the webmaster or owner from the site. Contact is very important when a site works for the good of others.

disqualified-Any Password protection or member only areas. The exception to this rule is that the judges be given a password to review the pages and the content within providing there  is enough other content. .

disqualified-By  Not including on your e-mail Nomination the programs logo “A Life that made a difference”.  This is a MUST.

disqualified– Not giving credit for materials other than the web owner. Broadband theif is out!
disqualified– Sites not in English, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Dutch, or Spanish or no respective versions available. Online translators will not be counted as a valid version.
disqualified– Multiple auto-pop up windows for advertising. No exceptions.
disqualified– Multiple broken links or external links. (404’s)
disqualified– Any sites with right click disabled. Links checked by Link checker.
disqualified– Cable modem (1.5 mbps) is used for Internet access, so load time is not critical. Unreasonably long load times will result in disqualification. 90 seconds or more for any single page is considered unreasonable load time.
disqualified– Sites not compatible in AOL,  and Internet Explorer browser,  or crashing my browser.

disqualified–  Multiple spelling problems. This means just that many.

disqualified Failure to fill out your e-mail will result in us not excepting your nomination. You may Nominate again but not within a 30 day period.

disqualified-Music is awesome but you must have a way to turn the music off from each page.   If you use flash you must also have a way to ‘Skip” it.