Keyboards for Christ Music/Award Program Feb 2006 Winners

Awarded to Firestarter Awards Program for Feb 2006 “A life that made a difference” Award.  Jo Phillips the program owner shows compassion and helps to make a difference in peoples lives on the internet. Jo Phillips website program is both an honor to the internet and a tribute to perfection. It is with the highest honor that she be awarded this honor for she truly made a difference in the lives many people. She has touched our lives. This award is the bird of peace the dove dropping a tear that forms a three sided pyramid.

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      Jack Neal Photographer
Let it hereby be known and acknowledged:
 Feb 17th  Jack A Neal Photographer  This is a well done website that “makes a difference”. Jack is a world class photographer that puts the eyes of his heart into his creations. We are proud to honor him with our website award.  Winner of the Dove Award “making a difference”
       Speak Out America
Let it hereby be known and acknowledged:
 Radio Hosts Jim Nicholson and Kaye Grogan voicing out about important moral values of our nation. You can make a difference …so speak out American!     Winner of The Dove Award “making a difference”  Feb 2006
         Sarah E. Wintz
Let it hereby be known and acknowledged:
This is a special award. It cannot be applied for. It is given out according to the criteria. A tribute to the passionate life of a 17 year old that was killed when a car ran a red light. This webiste touches the heart, done by her mother. Featuring pictures, music and Sarahs own notes about life.   Life that made a difference award for Feb 2006.

       The Ethics Pledge

Let it hereby be known and acknowledged:

This website holds the highest of standards to the internet awards program. The Ethics Pledge. Striving to “make a difference” in websites on the Internet. Your great Sandy keep up the fine work.  Winner of  “A life that made a difference” Award for Feb 2006.

        A Celtic Heart

Let it hereby be known and acknowledged:

A Celtic Heart  This site touches the heart with a tear drop of the difference that a website makes through the mission carried out to achieve the difference the visitor goes away with. Great Job, Well done  The Dove Award “for making a difference.