The Dove Award Program

The Journey to The Dove Award/Legacy Award is a Internationally Rated Award. You must meet our Criteria and guidelines to be honored with such. A point value of 95 is required.  We have tried to explain in great detail about several steps in our program so that you understand each part that you follow.  We thank you again for wanting to “make the difference”  and allowing our panel to visit your site.

“When you know you have made the difference”

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A certified and rated web site award is more than just another badge to place upon your web site. It is a statement that you have achieved a honor of your mission, your purpose that your site has meet the requirements set forth by the AP community.  It is not a ‘fake or give away award’.   By being honored with The Dove Award you can be sure that you have made the difference through the eyes of our judges and especially  those who visit your site, the internet surfer. That your site is one that leaves a lasting impression both in design and content.

 “Why was your site created? What makes a good web site? How can a web site make a difference?

What do judges look for in evaluations?

What makes a great web site

what to know more?What to know more click here

A word about Ethics A word about our Standard for this program and our Web site 


 Preparation for your journey :prep a ra tion

1. The act or process of preparing.
2. The state of having been made ready beforehand; readiness.
3. A preliminary measure that serves to make ready for something
The Free Dictionary by Farlex

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Please read and take the short test before you continue your journey to the dove awardPre-Qualification before you begin your Journey  some programs have a Self-test, this is like a self test for you to take only it is placed at the beginning of our program.  Please read each of the 10 questions very carefully before you proceed.

Warning please read the age requirements of this program1. We understand that the COPPA law is for the United States but we feel that all good web sites and respectable web masters should hold to some values and principles for young people and their safety, especially for collecting information and privacy. Are children in other parts of the world to be treated different? To us it is more than just posting that you are trustworthy or family friendly. We require that ALL sites have some posting or listing about collecting information from youth and children upon your site. no matter what country your site is from. If your site is located within the United States you must post that you support the COPPA Law or your site will not be evaluated by us. This is a automatic disqualification. Your journey will never begin here without some statement concerning the privacy and safety of children! We support International Children’s Safety The Virtual Global Task force and Childnet and will report Internet abuse that targets children and youth. Online Privacy AllianceMembers] CRIN Childs Rights Cyber Bullying Kidscape.                        

ICRAceop The Virtual Global Taskforce protecting those who target children and youth supported by International Police agencies Childnet a International organization protecting children and youth

Not sure? Test Links from these programs

ICRA Family Friendly Safe Surf [We test each page of your site]

On this journey you must be a family friendly site and listed with such a organization 2. My web site is a family safe site? Your site must be a member and must be listed with a organization approved by this program.  Our Approved List is : ICRA/Safe Surf/Family Safe/ Watchdog. Trustworthy is a fine program to which we respect but has no placement of PIC’s or code to deem a site is family safe. We will not except badges that a site is family safe, or friendly only by those organization posted above in our approved list.

                 What are labels and pics on a web site

 You must have PIC’S posted within the code of your site and they must be placed and operate properly. This Award Program reserves the right to certain materials that we will allow,we post a list within our program so be sure to check the materials we do not evaluate.

 On this journey you must have a the Proper statements3. If you can not check off all the following 5 then please stop your journey here. Your site must Contain all five of the following statements or information about such to continue in our AP program. 

 1.  Update Statement Must list the date and items updated.   2. Mission Statement [Purpose] The purpose must define your  mission. It must be a well defined statement not just a sentence. 3. Copyright Statement  Must be well defined    4. Privacy Statement  A statement about collection of items within your site, what you do with such information. 5A site map

A copyright and privacy statement are a must for you to continue on this journey4.  No self-made validation badges or other membership/organization badges unless you have permission from that source to create your own badge.  Certain organizations will not allow you to resize your badge or create your own.  If your site is compliant with W3C we will only except their official badge. For more detail click here. 

  If you have a question about this please ask before you continue.

Warning please read the age requirements of this program5. I am 18 years of age or over? age requirement is 18 years of age.

This program supports the COPPA laws and we comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Of April 21, 2000. This program has chosen to except no applications for our award program or W.O.R.D. or any website from anyone under Eighteen (18)

On this journey we except no free hosting sites you must own your own domain6.  No advertising pop ups/no more than 3 animations per page will be permitted. 

You must always pack for any journey the things you need here your site must have at least 5 pages of content7. You must have At Least 5 pages of content ?

This program is based around music but you must have a way to turn it off if you use it on your site8.  If you have music on the page [ A Song/song clip/wave file/midi file/mp3 file] There must be a way to turn your music off? Criteria # 28. We do not consider a sound effect[s] music, but they still must be no longer than 5 second’s samples in length. A sound effect we believe can ‘paint a picture’ and if done in taste adds to the presentation of a site. Web Definition of sound effect: a sound in film other than spoken words or music.

Broken links those mainly without pictures9. No Multiple Broken links or spelling errors? Multiple means that many.  We take into consideration this question as due to the fact that I am faced with a health problem in my hands I understand that sometimes spelling problems have been present within this site. We try to correct them when found, it is with us a typing problem so we are a bit considerate in understanding of the spelling problem, and broken links, we are concerned about real 404’s.

Your site pages must load within 60 seconds on cable10. Load within 60 seconds or less? Longer load times is not permitted in our program. This is at 56K.

Please read and take the short test before you continue your journey to the dove awardIf you have checked all the boxes then please continue your journey. If you did not and could not check all the boxes then please Stop here, go make the corrections and please return. If you are in doubt please e-mail us and we will reply within 24 hours. We pray that your journey will be one in gaining knowledge and blessings.