Enter the Dove Award ProgramThe dove is a symbol of love and through that giving one leaves a legacy which brings about a noticeable change that is difference

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1. To go from one place to another, as on a trip; journey. A journey travelled by the one who made a difference.
Plain Sandals Jesus walked over 21,000 miles during his ministryDid you know that Jesus walked over 21,525 in sandals during his 33 years of life. [Read more]

As a society, we have become too preoccupied with nonessentials to effectively mentor, teach, and empower our sons and daughters as they grow. As long as our personal comfort zone is not invaded by some youth tragedy, we ignore the needs of the young people in our homes, communities, schools, and churches. In today's world, it is just too easy for us to rush ahead with life, impervious to the teenage time bombs that will someday explode across the headlines of our newspapers. Our definition of legacy is not about estate or money but about how a person has 'made the difference" in taking time to help a person as they grow on their journey in life. Our award is not just how pretty your site is, or your code within the walls of each page. To leave a legacy....is to have made the difference. The symbols within the wall's of our internet home have been thought out taking much time so please take some time and visit that page as you journey. So let your journey begin, and may your efforts in your journey lead you to be rewarded with The Dove Award and our Legacy Award Graphic for a score of 125 or better.

A small seed can become the largest of trees a humble simple web site can make the differenceA New Year brings new growth.... This year as in every year we create new award graphics, pictures and snippets . Explanations to the Critera also have been added for 2008's journey. The graphics always represent our program and ministry just as all the icons that we invite you to go and see their meanings. We have posted the new graphics on the icon page as well to explain what our award graphic stands for, so please take a some time and go there on the next following pages. We will only offer two to select from this year. Also new this year will be the name of the site placed upon the award graphic and a number for verification of the award. We continue to be committed to helping others on their journey by adding new resources. I pray your journey is a safe one and one of enrichment. Click on the graphic left above to begin your journey to The Dove Award or visit the Legacy Award Page.