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You need  95 points to be honored with Our Award.
                                                                          Description of what we will be looking at on your site.                                              Point value    Who
                      The Judges will look behind the scenes at your site.               
       Opening ImpressionVisual Impression Opening Page  [Design]
When a visitor comes to your site the very first thing that they see will determine if they will continue. This is the WOW factor that begins to 'open the eyes of the heart'. The opening page of any site makes the difference if the visitor will want to continue or not. We feel the most two important parts to any site or program is the opening page and how long it takes to LOAD. Visitors will not stay on a site if it takes forever to load. So loading time is very important and that is also covered in our 29 questions you just were asked.
0 - 20 points
                 ConsistencyVisual Impression Consistency [Design]
As the visitor continues to surf your pages just like the opening page each page must impress the visitor to continue. Keeping their interest page to page. This includes the use of pictures and gifs, that follow your opening page and theme of your presentation. This also included loading time of the pages. The same WOW factor applies to each page but is not as important as the opening page.
0 - 5 points
        Original and UniqueOriginal/Unique  (Theme)  [Design]
A part of you, the creative part making your site stand out about others around the same subject that your site is trying to set such an impression. Each one of us are different and we each will see things in different ways. We look for the YOU in each page of your site. One can be a great musician but have no 'heat' in playing the music. They play just the notes. Every artist has a unique way to create and that is so important.
0-5 points
                   Color Consistency throughout websiteColor Scheme  and Consistency   [Design]
Well balanced color from page to page. Not changing using other color schemes, like from read to pink then to purple and orange. Unless you are trying to make a certain point to us. Like noticeable change? Well lets take a step back here. If color is used properly or is part of your presentation and it works to get your message across, then we also take that into consideration. If it is not part of that presentation then why should you be given points for it?
0-5 points
                                     Color Consistency throughout websiteFont Consistency [Design]     
Using the standards and not jumping from 12 to 18 (Large to small) and using different fonts throughout. One page Comic, another Roman , or  Arial or  Verdena   are the most common ones used. The exception to this is using smaller fonts for graphs like the one you are viewing, or at the bottom of a web page. The main text of your page should be uniform in both size and font type.     ab cd ef gh   design is important .                        
0-5 points

       Color Consistency throughout website   Code 
Many Award programs have surrounded their awards by the code. Code is important to any standard of a great web site. But It is not the Code that makes the difference all together. If your site leaves the lasting impression and has poor code you still might have the point needed to  have 'made the difference'. You may have a great coded site and still not make the difference without the lasting impression. Don't by any means get us wrong for we will look at your code just as other award programs but that is not what our program is entirely about...it is the visitor you must impress not the judges.  For that is part of the program before you even get to this point. The judges will go behind the scene and check out your code. Broken links, 404's submitting mail forms to make sure they work, checking load times, and your graphics, copyrights, credits, privacy statements, updates, rating buttons [proper sized] and so on. This is a general Code evaluation not a professional one. We want to work with a site and do just that if there is a code problem. We can help them with that, but lasting impression we can do nothing to help you, either it is there or not.
  Code is very important and within the Criteria of the 29 questions you just answered so is found.  The points you need to be honored with our award comes not from design but from those who make the difference.....the ones who visit you.  If your code is that bad than the questions you just were asked will disqualify your site anyway. The 0-5 points here are for those sites that go beyond or have that 'picture perfect site behind the wall's of their Internet home.                                                                                          
0-5 points
    Total Design points
Max [45]

Visitor's to your site a panel of 5 will now come

The Lasting Impression, the Noticeable change, the Difference 
THE HEART OF THIS PROGRAM The visitor is the difference!
Visitor imputwhat the Visitor  sees within your site (Child and Adult) according to your [Mission]
Here 'just plain simple people will visit you. Yes young people and adults will come and visit your site and give us their impression of what you are trying to impress their visit with. They don't tell us about code, for they look only at the visual and not the java or html. This is what the Internet  is all about, the visitor that comes to your web site home. If you are talking about fish and then go talking about cars, you are not staying within your purpose or mission. Both adult surfers and young people will give us about your site making a difference. Standing above the others dealing with the same subject.
0-50 points
 5 Member Award Panel Children
Young Adults
  Resources of information make a difference. Music, Pictures, Poems, Stories, real life experiences the been there done that type that our visitor's can relate to your site, Real facts about what you are trying to show, your opinions, your qualifications for the subject matter you are showing, inside help resources, outside link resources all these things come together in making a lasting impression.
Award Panel
The Olive Branch program is a program designed to work with each site that has a problem or several problems. Our panel will work up to 90 days with a site. When the problems addressed are corrected the journey will continue at that time. There is no waiting period within our Criteria at the present time. There are conditions to the Olive Branch Program please visit the program for more details if you have any questions feel free to contact us.                                    

         The Difference is here. By the visitor panel
Max points[70]

                                          Navigation ease of use Navigation ease of use                                   [Navigation]
Is your site easy to navigate and get around by just an ordinary person coming to visit? Navigation is important so that a visitor will not get lost in your pages
0 - 10 points
Judges  0-5  and Award Panel
                                           Navigation Consitency throughout websiteVisual Navigation Consistency                          [Navigation]
Same uniform consistent navigation throughout the entire web site. Not button changes of one size on this page and bigger ones on another, perhaps a drop menu here and just script on another page, easy to see and understand. Pointing people that visit your site in the right direction.
0 - 5 points
                                                                          Navigation Points                                                         
Max [15]
  Flash presentationFlash        [Bonus points]          
If your site or page is posted compliant and fails you loose 5 Points.   Please note that our site does not claim to be compliant but we do check yours if you say you are compliant. There is a mistake we placed within your journey. If you find it and post it in the comments you will gain a bonus of 5 points.
+10* or -5 points
Max [15]
           Points needed to be honored with the Dove Award for making a differenceYou Must receive 95-145 points to receive this award
                                                             *Bonus +15 max. 
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