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Due to the workload of our ministry we can only take applications from the 1st of each month until the 15th applications not submitted within this time period will be disqualified and must wait a 90 day period We only take applications from the 1st of every month until the 15th due to the workload of our ministry on this site. Any applications made after this time frame will be disqualified.  You will have to wait 90 days to re apply for our award. This site only conducts evaluations in English.

[See program for complete listings and links to memberships, and ratings. The above badges are not linked from this page, they are examples only. Also there are some badges within this program which are also examples and are not linked for this purpose.]  

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what to know more?What is a link?   By clicking on a link, you can "jump" to a new Web page or a completely different Web site from the site you are on. While text links are typically blue and underlined, they can be in any color and don't have to be underlined. Images, buttons, banners, any type of graphic or navigation can also serve as links to other Web pages.

 But if you have links that 'jump" to another site or promote any materials that go against our Standard we will not evaluate your site for our Award. Your Flower site contains  links to sites that we deem go against our Standard then we will not evaluate your  flower site.  We consider nude art just that nude, and also goes against our Family safe values.

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