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I would like to say "thank you" to all the judges and reviewer's, administrators of award programs and all the spoken and unspoken people who are involved in web site awards. For their countless hours of evaluations and reviews. This site is honored with all the awards it has received. Because of your efforts it is helping make the internet a better tool by whuch we can all work together to make a difference. I would also like to thank all those who have taken the time to give our award program encouragement. Such examples to follow after have been a real blessing.
Notice: We need your help! In 2006 this site crashed and my computer also with a virus. We lost many of our awards and graphics due to the fact that our ftp backups were not on disk but in our hard drive. We have been trying to replace them but it has been difficult as many programs have closed. If we have posted any award improperly it was not done intentionally so please let us know and we will remove it and reapply for your award. We believe they are all in order the only problems we have had are with the unrated awards. Since then we have taken measures with partnership with AVG to assure this will not happen to us again . Dan Wheeler.
There are many fine Rating programs within the AP community. Within our award halls we have many rated awards by other rating programs. We thank all programs within the AP community. We have only posted AS sites and UWSAG at this time. We will be working with the other programs in the future to post them.  You can visit the independant award listings just click below View Awards.
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Dan Wheeler featured Train Songs in his concerts Back to Train pages [As we recieve special awards we will create a page for those awards. as of now all awards are posted within our award halls here.
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 Timart Silver Chamowners Web Award Silver 
Greetings Rev. Daniel L. Wheeler, your website has won the Alcazaren Bonze Award. The content, design and navigation of the Keyboards for Christ Music Ministry page has been evaluated with very high scoring. The navigation is unusual but easy to master, the page transition is very pleasant, the content is tremendous. Again, congratulations, the award is well deserved for such a hard work and perfect style..

Evaluation date: 2008-12-31. Best regards from Madrid, Luis Vadillo

   World's Top Award
   Award Sites!  5.0
   UWSAG  5 
   WebsAwards 4
   Belgica Excellence Index 7.5
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Prospective Award  Rated A World's Top  Award Sept. 1, 2008
Well done Daniel!

Due to the high quality of your website "Keyboards for Christ Music Ministry", and improvements you made, we are delighted to be able to award you our Silver Prospective Award (rated World's Top Award), which is very difficult to win! Greetings from Marseilles, France.

Lionel A. Bouchon and Didier Grau,
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Award Sites! 5.0
World's Top Award
WebsAwards 4.0

Members of APEX
You have an outstanding web site that meets the award criteria! Your efforts and dedication shine throughout your pages.

Mondaward Gold

Hi Dan,

thank you for your kind inviting, to visit and evaluate your web site
 Keyboards for Christ Music Ministry
 A wealth of history about civil war, indians, trains, West Virginia, through the history porthole.
Including your internationally accepted Award Program.
 Your site is the work of a lifetime. I think I need a whole life to read all. How did you manage it, to write down this in only 1/2 life? It is like a journey through the past to the future. Thankfully you present it with a good navigation so we cannot get lost in one of the centuries. ;)
 A short detail that makes this web site so loveable and readable:
The first electric street car was run to Triadelphia in the fall of 1891. The motorman was Paul Mink. Passengers: Father Pacquin, Mr. Brown, Mr. Dow, Annie Fisher, and Lizzie Flaccus.

warmest wishes from

Jenny and team of the
Award Sites! rated 3.0
Belgica Excellence Index rated 8.0
F.R.I. rated 4.0

WebsAwards rated 3.0
Diskus Award Index rated 3.0
A.W.A.R.D. rated 3.5
UWSAG rated 2+

AS 3.0

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