A time to reflect The Dove Award making a difference

Noticeable change….Ogelbay Falls outside of Wheeling, Wv one picture is still..the other is done in GIF the water is moving.  Noticable change…making a lasting difference.

Ogelbay Falls  Wheeling Wv. animation by Paint shop Pro

 One of my favorite places to go here in the Hills of West Virginia is Ogelbay Park. Here you can sit and enjoy nature. The cool water falling at the Falls while the leaves blow in the wind, allows you to stop and reflect. Just as the water from the beginning of your journey made its way to the shore, you now are about to take your final step of this journey to see if “Your site made a difference. From your first steps on your journey if you came via the Flash or Dial up you were asked to rest awhile and reflect.Make sure you complete your journey by reading everything on this page while you reflect.

To complete your journey please take a minute and just reflect upon this visit with us here. Have you answered all the questions in your mind about the application.  Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us. take your time and relax. Enjoy the falls at Ogelgay Park here in the beautiful hills of West Virginia. You may want to take the self test, a few questions about your journey to “making a difference”  and click on the book to read a very important phrase. Also you can receive a bonus of 5 points for a spelling problem in the application.  The new Legacy award graphic is offered to sites that reach the point value of 125. This graphic was created with much time and thought. It is on display at the worksheet page. Remember if you have any questions contact us, we suggust that you take your time. If you are not sure of something or need to correct a problem, make the correction before you submit your application. You must wait 90 days before you can reapply for our award.  REFLECT upon your journey, sometimes we need to stop and reflect upon the ‘truth’ of the Word. We sometimes get lost .

The Bible jpg<Click here and read

re·flect (r-flkt)

v. re·flect·ed, re·flect·ing, re·flects


1. To throw or bend back (light, for example) from a surface. See Synonyms at echo.
2. To give back or show an image of (an object); mirror.
3. To make apparent; express or manifest: Her work reflects intelligence.
4. To bring as a consequence: The victory reflects credit on the coach.
5. Archaic To bend back.


1. To be bent or thrown back: Her voice reflected off the canyon walls.
2. To give something back, as light or sound: a shiny surface that reflects well.


a. To give evidence of the characteristics or qualities of someone or something: That student’s performance reflects well on the whole school.
b. To bring blame or discredit: Hasty preparation of the report will reflect on you.

The Journey

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