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Paul  writes: “We wrestle not against flesh and blood or human enemies, but against principalities and powers, the rulers of darkness of this wicked world and all their followers.” Ephesians 6:12.  In spiritual warfare, the enemy already struck us and the enemy is continuously warring to strike us. You do not need permission to strike back the enemy. Your birth into this world engages you in this battle. Your Christian life re-commits you in that engagement. God sent His son into a “Family” unit. Not a church or school to be raised but in a home. With the coming apart today of the home and marraige the family unit is in danger.

Some important facts about children and their behavioral patterns.

   According to teachers’ reports, children whose mothers and/or fathers frequently attended church exhibited higher levels of cognitive skills than those whose parents attended church less often.Children were less likely to exhibit behavioral problems at school if either of their parents (particularly their mothers) attended religious services and if both parents attended church with the same frequency, whether sporadically or frequently, than children whose parents did not attend religious services at all.Children were less likely to have internalizing behavior problems (in terms of anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem, and sadness) if either of their parents attended church services and/or if both parents attended with the same frequency (i.e. either sporadically or frequently.)

Teens from intact families with frequent religious attendance were the least likely to have ever shoplifted (6.1 percent) when compared to (a) their peers from non-intact families with frequent religious attendance (7.9 percent), (b) peers from intact families with low to no religious attendance (9.9 percent), and (c) peers from non-intact families with low to no religious attendance (12.3 percent).

An increase in the proportion of single-parent families in a neighborhood was associated with a significant increase in youth violence.

Youths who more frequently prayed and read, watched, or heard religious content were less likely to exhibit anti-social behavior. Private religious practices also moderated the impact of factors associated with an increase in violent behavior, such as witnessing violence or being the victim of violence.

The following developmental effects can occur for youth involved in online chat: (1) Dis-inhibition in sexuality, aggression and race relations (For example, making inappropriate comments about sexual activity or race that would be considered anti-social in other contexts, or acting out sexually in risky, maladaptive, or illegal ways (i.e. with children). (2) Early sexual priming (3) Modeling of racism, negative attitudes toward women, and homophobia. (4) Breeding of personal and social irresponsibility due to anonymity online.

The letters I L and U form I love You, love is the key to life, the key to all scripture We guide and teach children a little sign language. Becasue the world along with all media including music today uses even this tool of communication for the deaf and turned it into a use for evil right before us.  It is the sign of the Satanic church. They have taken the simple I love you  and twisted into a salute to the devil. There is a clear and present danger we face today. Somewhere we forgot the there is only ONE way, ONE truth, and that is JESUS.  We lost the key along the way that governs morals and values and took the lock off and let the door swing open to the lies of the devil which usher in the sin’s of the flesh and the world.   IT is LOVE and has been replaced with Pride, and Power.  The I L U sign language has been replaced with the hoof sign of the devil.

I L U is the sign language for I Love you the thumb is held extended out but when the thumb is tucked in it is the hoofed sign of the Satanic Church replacing Love with the darkness of the angel of light a love but not that of God

When the thumb is tucked in, it is the hoof sign of the Satanic Church. Thumb is out it is I love You.

Children are like sponges they absorb everything and what we show them by example and what they come into contact with is what goes in, and it is said, so come outFamily the heart of it all wea believe in family and family values God sent His son Jesus Christ into a family unit to be taught not into a church or temple, school or some other unit but FAMILYOur children are being attacked, they only learn by what they take into their minds and hearts. The FAMILY unit is being destroyed. Children still look to the church and see us gossip and backbite, the Sexual Abuse, how the people in the congregation show little or no love, are not in unity always fighting, and seeking power and wanting money.  Our homes are falling apart because we are told that we must “do whats best for oneself”, best for me.  Be all that you can be. And the church again compromises and say’s that’s ok, we are called into PEACE. They look to Harry Potter because our church leaders say it is ok, nothing wrong with the books and movies, they place tattoos on their bodies of Harry Potter because the church celebrates a Mass in his honor, and we wonder why our children rebell and show not respect or accountability.   The GOOD SAMARITIAN gave the 2 most presious items that we as humans find it hard to part with… OUR TIME  and OUR MONEY.  In this ministry we ask you for no money just your TIME.

No wonder our children are looking to Heroe’s as they do, and become part of cults because the family has lost LOVE, the church has fallen into sin, and try to hide in secret. The cult shows a love that is fleshly.   The father that was for many years seen as a child’s hero has been replaced by Spiderman being claimed Christlike in Character and with the Trinity, and games like Guitar Hero role playing characters of PURE DARKNESS, and our Churches offering services in honor of HARRY POTTER. and the church saying its ok.  We are faced with a great challenge to make a difference in childrens lives, to guide them in the Way of Truth through The Word of God. To teach them accountability and respect. In many way’s our children have deep inside lost their trust in the church.  We must take this task on with LOVE not judgment, with PRAYER, not words of hurt, with FAITH not fear. Together lets make a difference….one child at a time. The apple just a small fruit lead us to death and separation from paradise,we must be very careful in the world with our eyes open to the angel of light and his same old lies that he used in the garden of EdenThe Apple is such a good fruit. Who would have thought that it would have caused us death and separation from paradise for us? Such things that we think are not important or won’t matter are sweeping our childrens minds.

Faith leads to adoration to confession to thanksgiving to supplication the facts of lifeThe 5 finger prayer starting with the thumb which represents home and those closest to us and continues read more about prayer in our program

We Believe that PRAYER is vitual to  Teaching Children “on their level”. Author Dan Wheeler brings the teaching materials down to a child’s level. Some of the highlights of our programs deal with Teaching the Ten Commandments, Unity and Prayer, Faith, Forgiveness, and Salvation, Communion, Baptism, colors of the Tabernacle, The Tabernacle, The Disciples of Christ, Birds in the Bible, Musical Instruments of the Bible,  just to name a few. The Word of God, the Bible is the handbook for life.We must train children how to just simply ‘talk’  to God just as they talk with each other. The 5 finger prayer is a very easy way to teach children about prayer. Along with our visual examples in the lessons such as the ‘Prayer Jar’  ‘The Prayer Can’, ‘The Prayer Balloons’. The STS method developed by Dan uses  Sight, Touch, Sound to teach children about music and the Bible, about Real Heroes, and real worship.  Sign up today for these exciting free programs.

Thanks Debbie for giving me the permission to use your awsome song for we must hide the word of God in our heartsSee We can make a difference online.  This link was added just this week due to the requests of teachers. We wanted a way to allow them to hear our theme song without downloading special add on’s or media players. So you will have to close the page after you view it. Click on red X at the top right of your browser to close the window You will remain on this page you will just be closing the window. Hiding God’s Word in the hearts of Children.This is a link. You can hear our programs Theme song. This song is used with permission from the composer and supports this ministry. Thanks to Debbie for allowing me to use this awesome song for the theme song of this program.  The Bible Alphabet Song is on Kids Praise! 5 “Psalty’s Camping Adventure”  ©1985 Rettino Kerner Publishing  –
Written by Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino